Stylized black and white image of Kurt rising from a bluish purple band; wind blowing through his long hair and a bowl spinning above his upturned left hand.  Titled The Hairy Potter with his motto: "If you don't see what you want, he can probably make one materialize for you."
The Hairy Potter, standing in the glaze  room at Mudflat Studio.  Wearing a purple bandana, brightly printed shirt, and an apron, Kurt is holding a bowl in his gloved right hand to which he has just added a layer of glaze.

The Hairy Potter welcomes you!  The intent of this site is to make viewing the content simple for those who can see just fine, and for visitors who cannot.  I have attempted to incorporate descriptions in alt-tags for all images that appear.  This will enable visitors who use screen readers to interact with websites to appreciate all of the content of this site as well.

This initial page gives you entrance into the creative work of Kurt Kuss; a.k.a., The Hairy Potter.  This and subsequent pages contain links at the bottom that will make it easy for you to navigate and find what you want.  The links include:  The Hairy Potter (Articles and Videos about Kurt); Current Gallery; Examples of Work (Bowls, Bakeware, Glaze Results, Pints, Plates, Platters); Upcoming Events (Shows where you can visit The Hairy Potter in person, and  Pictures of Previous Shows); and Contacting The Hairy Potter.  Come in and enjoy!

Artist’s Statement:

The complexity of my artistic creativity takes simple materials and forms and creates multilayered expressions in clay.  A majority of my work is intended to evoke an impressionistic vision of space.

I have been working with clay since 1990.  Prior to this I was a professional chef.  After losing most of my eyesight I needed a tactile creative outlet so I started working with a great, old hippy potter when I started college.  My intention has always been to create pieces that look spectacular while being functional.  The medium of clay has enabled me to pursue my artistic bent while continuing to make things that others can enjoy.

I have developed throwing and glazing techniques that result in very textural surfaces.  The processes I use to apply glaze effect great depth and variation in color.  I have perfected a method which produces very cosmic patterns in the finished work.  Most of the pieces I make are hand-thrown and high-fired so they can be used in the microwave and oven, and are dishwasher safe.

The Hairy Potter Holding a Bowl