Stylized black and white image of Kurt rising from a bluish purple band; wind blowing through his long hair and a bowl spinning above his upturned left hand.  Titled The Hairy Potter with his motto: "If you don't see what you want, he can probably make one materialize for you."

Platters are just large plates, right?  For me, they provide a larger “canvas” for playing with my glazing techniques.  Here are some of the results I’ve achieved.  One of them, “Cosmos”, actually won an Honorable Mention Award from the American Printing House for the Blind.

I’ve found throwing platters to be kind of tricky.  Getting the piece to be an aesthetically pleasing shape, trim it so that there is a nice foot and insure that its not so heavy that a person can’t pick it up.

Glazing takes some time, but it’s fun.  As the results indicate, I have little control over what the kiln gods decide.

A wide round platter with a distinctive curved flange like a plate.  The overall color is purple, but many swirling shades ranging from dark indigo to concord grape with splashes of light blueish orchid.

14 inch round platter.

A 16 inch round, very flat platter with a slightly rolled rim.  The base glaze is a dark lapis blue with a swirling star-shaped speckled white "galaxy" eminating from the middle and spreading outward to the dark blue rim.

14.5 inch “Cosmos”

An overhead view of a fairly flat platter that has a 3 inch flange.  The overall color is cobalt/denim blue highlighted by swirling swaths of spotty light blue to white.

14 inch stellar blue platter 2007

This "platter" looks like a giant pie dish.  A flat bottom with 2+ inch fluted sides.  The overall color consists of varying shades of medium to dark purple.

16 inch “pie” platter

This looks like a very large plate with a thin rounded rim and a subtle sloaping flange.  The lip is an electric blue that starkly contrasts the dark chaotic center that is comprise of swathes of violet, indigo, lapis and dark blue sky.  The entire piece is laced with what looks like dark blue streaks of lightening.

13 inch platter

A round platter with a slightly curved 3 inch flange.  The basic  color is a Yale blue highlighted with flashes of brighter blue.  There is an abstract pattern of spotty swirling white that is reminiscent of a view of a starry galaxy in space.

15 inch blue platter

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