Stylized black and white image of Kurt rising from a bluish purple band; wind blowing through his long hair and a bowl spinning above his upturned left hand.  Titled The Hairy Potter with his motto: "If you don't see what you want, he can probably make one materialize for you."

This page presents work that is available -- that is, it doesn’t already live at  someone else’s house.  The collection here will vary based on what kinds of things I’ve been working on lately.  The pictures and descriptions of the work on this page will take you to other examples of the same kind of work.  Please remember, everything is individually made.  If something you particularly like has been bought by someone else, you can always order another one that will have been made especially for you.

A wide round platter with a distinctive curved flange like a plate.  The overall color is purple, but many swirling shades ranging from dark indigo to cooncord grape with splashes of light blueish orchid.

15.5 inch diameter platter

Side view of a gently flared fluted pie dish.  Glaze is a marbelized celedon gray.

12 inch pie plate

A very wide, circular bowl with a rounded lip.  The overall background color is a reddish blue.  Just inside the rim is very dark, while the shape of the basin has created a psychedelic cosmic swirl of colors including; crimson, fuschia, violet, lavender, midnight blue, lapis, turquoise and teal.

14 inch multi-colored bowl

Two beer mugs without handles are shown.  Similar "Pint" shapes with one being slightly narrower at the waist.  These are textured on the outside and have a marbelized celedon gray/green glaze.

2 18 ounce "Pints"

"Pints" in two sizes.  Both are the same basic shape and color- a wide rim, with broad shoulders, a narrow waist for easy gripping, and a wide stable foot.   The outside glazes are dark brown with a mottled lighter green/brown accent on the top half.  The interiors are white.

16 and 6 ounce "Pints"

A round dish with slightly flaired wall and a fluted rim.  The overall color is a dark denim blue with a faded denim blue rim.  The bottom of the dish resembles peddles of a daisy in very light blue, with a center that looks like a swirly blue iris of an eye.

9 inch quiche dish.

This one-of-a-kind bowl was created by firing it twice.  I wasn't happy with the initial result, so I added a white glaze to the already fired blue piece that resulted in veiny white lines over the patchy blue ranging in shade from dark to light lapis.

13 by 5.5 inch bowl

A two-thirds side view of the same denim blue quiche dish.  The dark blue denim walls are three inches tall to allow for more filling and less spilling.

Side view of a 9 inch

quiche dish

A vertical three panel image of different views of the same bowl.  The bowl is very wide and seems deep because of the very small rounded foot.  The inside has a basic dark blue background  embellished by a 5 pointed star pattern of streaky light and dard blue, and purple.  Between the "points" are flashy patches of bright to crimson red, sapphire to royal blue and varying shades of purple.  The outside is dark blue with light blue streaks moving down from the rim to the small foot.  The display shows the bowl sitting on the dark blue ceramic ring.

Top, bottom, and display views of 12.5 by 4.5 inch bowl.