Stylized black and white image of Kurt rising from a bluish purple band; wind blowing through his long hair and a bowl spinning above his upturned left hand.  Titled The Hairy Potter with his motto: "If you don't see what you want, he can probably make one materialize for you."

My bowls come in an incredible array of shapes, sizes and colors.  As was  explained on the glaze results page, every bowl is a unique piece even though it may be a similar size and shape to another.  I’m convinced that the food tastes better when eaten or served from a bowl that is hand-made and looks fantastic.

Side view of a conical shaped bowl filled with bright red ripe strawberries.  There are flashes of red on top of a dark blue background, and lighter blue highlights at the rim and foot.

One pint cereal bowls, 2007

A collection of bowls on a table that vary in size and shape.  Most are reound, but one is sqaure.  There are also a selection of mugs pictured.  Colors include muted greens, blues, purples and reds.

Bowls ranging in size from 2 to 10 inches in diameter

This image of two bowls graphically displays a range of sizes that I make.  The larger one is almost big enough to wash the baby in, while the smaller would hold a very healthy portion of stir-fry.  Both are multi-colored.

A 14 and 6.5 inch bowls shown in scale to demonstrate variations in size.

Three quarter and top views of a deep round bowl.  The inside is a dark old penny copper at the rim graduating to a lighter swirling smoky yet glowing bronze toward the center.  At the bottom there is a light copper-green center webbed with dark brown cracks.

13 inch by 6 inch bowl with copper-fumed glaze.

Click for larger image

A three-paned picture of a round bowl: a top, a two-thirds and a side view.  The basic color is a denim lapis blue with lighter blue highlights at the rim and on the throw rings on the side.  The pattern at the bottom of the inside looks like an exploding star in space.

Top, bottom, and display views of 12.5 X 4.5 inch bowl

This a three-paned picture showing a three quarter top, side, and engraved bottom views of a shallow fluted bowl.  The inside is a rich reddish purple background with an icy blue splash in the bottom. The side is frosty pinkish blue accented by the rich reddish purple that steaks down from the voluptuous rounded flutes to a dark blue band at the foot.  It is engraved for Jerel and Mascia 06-09-08.

13 inch bowl customized for a wedding present

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